Right side music

Third Chamber is about opening the way to where we should be. It’s the rift where you can see a faint light on the other side. Fate, destiny, what we know is true but can’t see. This life is an illusion, a dream. Listen to the music and remember who you really are, not this skin, but something so much more.

We are poetry. I try to capture that in all music I make. The beauty, the love, the pain, my hurt. Third Chamber. When we look back it’s all poetry, pain, love, beauty.



This life begins without us. We find out about it second hand. We understand that we are just riding a wave, a frequency. Together, we can understand. We try to fit in, even though there is no fitting in…uniqueness has its advantages.

Be you, i’ll find you. We’ll find each other. These stars are our eyes.


The Way She Walks

The way she walks, her uniqueness, her sparkle. Destiny follows pure patterns. Fate finds fate, like magnets. Destiny desires destiny. Love in life, life blossoms love, In all this, can we find each other? Time is nothing to us…

So few flowers understand our eternal mind.


For You

Ah yes, song about true Destiny. So forgetful we are of our true path…we get lost so easily in this reality. Forgetful, maybe ignorant, we get lost in who we thought we’d be. Remember…you’ve got to remember. Listen and love.


For Lisa

Ah, my beautiful wife…she puts up with my complete bullshit. I wrote this song for her for a present, I was broke, but she still loved me (what am I talking bout, I’m still broke). I love this woman more than words can measure…so I came up with a song for her. Its not perfect, but neither am I. Hopefully it’s ok.


Little Things

Such a fun song, more Third Chamber than any other song. Pure rebellion, pure misunderstanding. Sparkles in the night sky that aren’t stars. Sometimes we think we are more than we are, so we sell our souls. Deep in our dark hearts we will be forgiven. We are human and burn in bright, beautiful light. Give me your hand and we will go together.